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The Miami-Dade LGBTA Democratic Caucus is “a voice that seeks to instill awareness of the freedoms of a democratic society, educate future leaders, support the community at large, and maintain an ongoing rapport and increasing viability with political entities.”


Working with local, state and national partners provides us with an even greater reach and influence in the political arena. Miami-Dade County is the largest county in the state, and Florida is the largest “swing state” in the country.

Our mission is to regain the Democratic majority we held just a few years ago. To do that we need YOU!

We work to achieve our vision in four ways: Educate. Advocate. Support. Elect.

When you become a member of the Miami-Dade LGBTA Democratic Caucus, you’ll have a resource for information on important public policy issues that affect your future. Our meetings are open to all Democrats and provide a chance to interact and learn about political and legislative issues affecting you and the LGBTA community. You will have the opportunity to meet periodically with elected officials and other political leaders, actively exchange ideas and perspectives, and educate them about the needs of our community. In addition, as a member, you will receive communications that provide you with up to date information on local, state and national issues affecting the LGBTA community.


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